Half Up Hottie

Simple styles you did when you were younger are making a huge comeback. Wearing your hair half up isnt just for schoolgirls anymore. By keeping your style sleek and simple you will look polished and sophisticated.

How To Style:

  • It doesn’t really matter what length your hair is to create this look, just make sure you flat iron your hair nice and smooth.
  • Backcomb your top crown ever so slightly and pull the top sections of hair back from the front and secure with a pretty clip or bobby pins.
  • Keeping your part deep and to the side adds to the elegance of this look.

Recommended Hair Products:
Always use a heat protectant when styling with heat. Try Frizz Eaze Serum Thermal Protection to help with frizz and keep your strands safe.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:
This style is perfect for all women who just want their hair up and out of their face and still look put together.

Use bobby pins that match the color of your hair.

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