Kate's Long Soft Curls Parted in the Middle

Kate Beckinsale with a long curly hairstyle

Healthy locks like Ms Kate Beckinsale’s may seem too good to be true, but with the right cut and care, not completely out of reach. Layering helps lift up the exterior weight and gives the style a great shape. Semi permanent gloss can give you a similar shine on your natural (or chemically altered) hair color.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type: 
Oval, heart, round, square, long. Medium to thick density with a bit of natural wave or texture.

You can have your hair care professional apply a semi permanent clear gloss to your hair, or you can do it yourself. Since it’s clear, there’s not as much room for error so don’t feel like this is something you have to go spend a lot of money on. It freshens up your color while you’re waiting for a re-touch. Perfect!

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