Medium Length Mad Men Curly Hairstyle

Medium curly hairstyle for 2012

Want in on the retro trend? Try out this adorable style! It’s versatile enough that you don’t have to keep your hair styled the same way all the time, but at least you’ve got that option. The color takes you back to the 50s era - in a good way!

Best Face Shape and Hair Type: 
Ova, heart, round, square, long. Fine to thick density with some natural texture.

Makeup makes all the difference. You can totally set the mood for the style depending on what you choose to do with your face. Want it truly retro? Add the deep color on your lips and a defined line on pale lids with defined brows. It’s amazing what happens when you pair the right hair and makeup together. Look for how-to videos online if you need help with the vintage/retro look.

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