Smooth Updo with Volume and a Messy Bun

Messy bun updo for 2012

Super simple, super chic. Love this look with the full but not obnoxious bump and messy but not sloppy bun in back. Highlights are more visible and it opens up your face for a really dramatic and classic look.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type: 
Oval, some heart, subtle round or square, long if you leave face framing pieces out instead of smoothing them back. Fine to thick density, smooth texture.

Need help with that volume? Use a volumizing product, like Big Sexy Hair's Volumizing Spray Mousse – Root Pump Plus, before blow drying and a large round brush while drying. Wrap hair up while it’s still warm in a big barrel roll curl and pin where you want the volume to be. Let it cool completely before you take it down. Voila!

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